of the “Union – Nikola Tesla” University in Belgrade

International Scientific Conference
“LAW 2018 – Current Problems of Law and Legal Science”
in Belgrade on 4th and 5th of May 2018

The Scientific Board of the Conference
    Prof. Dr. Vladan KUTLEŠIĆ, President, Faculty of Business and Law, “Union – Nikola Tesla” University in Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia
    Prof. Dr. Zoran JEROTIJEVIĆ, Faculty of Business and Law, “Union – Nikola Tesla” University in Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia
    Prof. Dr. Dragan ČOVIĆ, Faculty of Business and Law, “Union – Nikola Tesla” University in Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia
    Prof. Ervin BELOWICS, Ph.D., Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest, Hungary
    Prof. Artur G. BEZVERHOV, Ph.D., Law Faculty, Samara National Research University “S. P. Korolev”, Samara, Russia
    Prof. Dragan BOLANČA, Ph.D., Law Faculty, Split University, Split, Croatia
    Prof. Seda GASPAEYAN, D.Sci., Yerevan State University, Yerevan, Armenia
    Prof. Carlos Flores JUBERIAS, Ph.D., Law Faculty, Valensia University, Valensia, Spain
    prof. JUDr. Jozef Kuril, C.Sc., VŠEMVS, Bratislava, Slovakia
    Prof. Dae-Kyu YOON, Ph.D., Kyungnam University, Masan, The Institute for Far Eastern Studies, Seoul, South Korea
    Prof. Olga NESTERCHUK, Ph.D., Peoples' Friendship University of Russian, Moscow, Russia
    Prof. Bello Akeem OLAJIDE, Ph.D., Public Law Department, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
    Prof. Kevin OZGERCIN, Ph.D., Department of Politics, Economics, and Law, State University of New York, at Old Westbury, New York, USA
    Prof. Valeria PIERGIGLI, Ph.D., Law Faculty, Siena University, Siena, Italy
    Prof. Ewa SALKIEWICZ-MUNNERLYN, Ph.D., Social Sciences Academy, Lodz, Poland
    Prof. Dr. Olga SELEZNOVA, Faculty of Law, Bukovina University, Chernivtsi, Ukraine
    Prof. Dmitri SHORNIKOV, Ph.D., Law Faculty, Irkutst State University, Irkutsk Russia
    Prof. Miodrag SIMOVIĆ, Ph.D., Law Faculty, Banja Luka University, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Prof. Dr. Branko VUČKOVIĆ, European University “Brčko District”, Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Prof. Dr. Vesna VUČKOVIĆ, Ph.D., Faculty for Maditerranean Business Studies, “Adriatik” University, Bar, Tivat, Montenegro
    Ass. Prof. Mihai Cristian Apostolache, Ph.D., Petroleum-Gas University, Ploiesti, Romania
    Ass. Prof. Anna V. DENISOVA, Ph.D., Law Faculty, Samara National Research University “S. P. Korolev”, Samara, Russia
    Ass. Prof. Vadim H. HILYUTA, C.Sc., Law Faculty, Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, Grodno, Belarus
    Asst. Prof. Živanka MILADINOVIĆ BOGAVAC, Ph.D., Faculty of Business and Law, “Union – Nikola Tesla” University in Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

The Organizing Board of the Conference
    Prof. Dr. Milija BOGAVAC – President
    Prof. Dr. Vladimir STOJANOVIĆ
    Prof. Dr. Isidor JEVTOVIĆ
    Prof. Dr. Nada ŽIVANOVIĆ
    Prof. Dr. Zoran ČEKEREVAC
    Prof. Dr. Vladimir KUTLEŠIĆ
    Prof. Dr. Zoran JEROTIJEVIĆ
    Milanka BOGAVAC, MBA.
    Aleksandar MATIĆ, LL.M

The Aim of the Conference
In our time the world is more than ever faced with so many challenges, some of which represent serious threat to the very existence of mankind. International and internal armed conflicts, development and massive storage of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction, international terrorism, transnational organized crime, environmental degradation, massive violation of human rights and freedoms all around the globe, explosion of refugees etc.
On the other hand, there are new developments in international economic, technical and other cooperation, new social and other relations within states, issues connected to the problem of state sovereignty in globalized world, etc.
All this deserves answers from a legal viewpoint. For instance, invention and rapid use of drones have opened many issues. On the other side, one can expect unsustainable development of space law, since we shall very soon see unprecedented efforts in exploration and use of the space and celestial bodies. For years already there has been open issue of the reform of the United Nations and some other international organization. Some new crimes have appeared in national and international legislation. And so on.
The Conference is an opportunity for scientist from various countries and various fields of law to listen each other, exchange their views and proposals, indicate most important problems of our time law, unite in proposing appropriate solutions, etc.
The publishing of papers will not only make possible their stands and arguments become available to the widest circle of scientific, expert, political and other public, but also represent a step into development of cooperation in various fields of law and legal science.

Thematic Fields – Conference Sections
  • International Business Law
  • Human Rights from the Point of View of the International Human Rights Law
  • Diplomacy through Centuries
  • International Legal Aspects of Climate Change and Environmental Impact
  • Contractual Legal Protection of Real Estate Trade
  • Legal aspects and Prevention of Peer Violence
  • Globalization from the Aspect of Demographic Change and Migration Movements
  • Constitutional and Legal Protection of the Position of Women in Contemporary Society and Gender Equality
  • Contemporary Tendencies in the Development of Cyberlaw
  • Significance of Insurance Right in Encouraging Economic Growth.

Conference Speaking Languages
English Serbian Russian

Language of the Conference Papers
English Serbian

Important Dates
March 15th, 2018 The last date to send the articles and applications for participation
March 30th, 2018 Authors will be notified about whether the articles are accepted for the conference or need corrections
April 15th, 2018 The last date for sending the final version of the article

Important Contacts
Prof. Dr. Zoran Čekerevac P2018e@ppf.edu.rs
Živanka Miladinović Bogavac, PhD, Asst. Prof. zivankamiladinovic@gmail.com
Aleksandar Matić, LL.M. aleksandarmatic.fpim@gmail.com
Faculty of Business and Law
Knez Mihailova 33
11000 Beograd
tel. +381 11 8232-427
fax +381 11 8232-427

Framework of the Conference Program
Day 1st
May 4th, 2018, Friday
Accreditation of participants
Official opening of the conference
Plenary session
Work in sections
Gala evening
Day 2nd
May 5th, 2018, Saturday

Work in sections
Continuation of work in sections
Conclusions, impressions, messages
Closing the conference

Ways of Participation
1. In absentia
This means that an author can participate by just sending a paper.
In such a case, the paper will be reviewed. The paper resume will be published in the Abstract proceedings and the full article in the MEST Journal.
In such a case, authors will have no any financial obligation in respect to the Organizers of the Conference (no fee for participation and the like).

2. Participation in Person with a Paper
The true aim of the Conference is to get as much as possible participants in person, with their papers. This will provide them a chance to present their works, to ask and answer questions, to directly address to all others, exchange ideas and experience etc. This participation, however relates to certain natural costs. More in section “Transportation, Accommodation and Fees”.

3. Participation in Person without a Paper
One can participate in person, without paper, just attending the Conference, taking part in discussion, getting collection of papers and the like.

Instructions for Authors
Number of papers by one author - One conference participant can have no more than two papers, one as the only author, and one more as co-author. Alternatively, it can have two papers as a co-author.

All works need to be written in English or in Serbian language - Maximum number of co-authors per work is 2. (Number of authors per paper, as a rule only one. Exceptionally, when it is justified, two co-authors are acceptable, but not more.)

Text processor: Microsoft Word 2007 and newer
Format: A4 (210 mm x 297 mm)
All margins: 2.5 cm
Default tab stops: 1 cm
Line spacing: 1.15 line
Font: Arial, Normal, 10pt.
Footnote: Author(s)’ full name(s), Titles, Affiliation, E-mail and the Address of each author, Arial, Normal, 9 pt.
Length of the article: 7 – 12 pages (approximately 25,000 – 40,000 characters with spaces)
Title of the article: UPPERCASE, Arial, Cambria, Bold, 24 pt.
Authors: Names and surnames of the authors; authors separated by comma, Cambria, Bold, 14 pt.
Abstract: 200-250 words, Arial, Italic, 10 p, at the beginning of the article
Keywords: After the abstract, 5 to 8 keywords, Italic, 10 p.
Title of chapter: UPPERCASE, Arial, bold, 12 p.
Title of subchapter: Sentence case, Arial, bold, 12p.
Third level titles: Arial, 10pt, Bold
Text font: Arial, 10pt, Normal
References at the end of the paper: APA Style, Arial, 10pt, Normal
Footnotes: Arial, 9pt, Normal
Application and paper submission
Application and paper(s), they both are to be submitted together by e-mail, to the address: P2018e@ppf.edu.rs
Each paper needs to have its own application form.
The template can be downloaded from: http://meste.org/L2018_files/Template_Le.docx

Important Notes
All the first authors are required to submit both, their paper and the Application form.

Application form and the paper
Application form can be downloaded from: http://meste.org/L2018_files/AF_P_2018.docx
It needs to be sent together with the article to the address: P2018e@ppf.edu.rs up to March 15th, 2018.

Information on whether the paper is accepted
Notification to authors whether their article is accepted or not will be provided by March 30th, 2018.

Detailed Program of the Conference
A detailed program of the Conference will be published up to the April 20th, 2018.

Transportation, Accommodation and Fees
Organization and cost of trip
Participants travel in their own organization and on their own cost.

Accommodation is on cost of participants.
For interested participants the Organizer will reserve the accommodation.
About the possibilities of accommodation interested will be notified up to April 20th, 2018, by email. Also, participants can use online services as: booking.com, trivago.com, hotels.com, hotelhunter.com or similar.

Participation Fee
Participation fee is 60 EUR per the conference participant and will cover part of the costs of the organization, Abstract proceedings, refreshments during breaks and the Conference dinner with banquet.

Fee is per author, not per paper
Thus, if there is one paper with two authors present in person, they need to pay 2 fees (one for each).
On the contrary, if one author has two papers, he/she will pay only one fee.

Participants who do not attend the Conference in person (just send their paper) have no participation fee duties or any other financial obligation.

Lunch (May 4th, 2018)
Lunch price is 16 EUR.

Payment Instructions
Payment instructions are posted on the URL: http://www.meste.org/M2018_files/Payment_instructions.pdf

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